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chess24 lets you play individual games or tournaments against opponents all around the world, with thousands of fellow enthusiasts and hundreds of games going on at any hour of the da ...



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Gem Lab, Shant Purutoglu  

Professional jewellery appraisals
Diamond, colored stone and pearl grading
Watch appraisals & travel documents
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New-Tech Services  

Laser Engraving
Laser Welding
3D Custom Design
Rapid Prototyping

Aren Mermer
P:(416) 777-9114
21 Dundas Sq. Suite 405
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1B7


Levon Gyulinyan  

Giving something back to the community is a large part of what my business is all about.
I am pleased to support upcoming annual tournament, "Chess-to-Remember". The purpose of this to ...

more is created to support chess clubs, coaches and chess enthusiasts. We can help with your evolving and tailored chess curriculum by providing interesting games and materials, we can help ...





  Aram Ettibaryan & Ester Araskhanyan

  Arto and Siran Hacherian

  Hay Jonathan

  Khatchadurian Anto

  Khayutin Constantine

  Magarian Vahe

  Margorian Danny

  Tozak Hagop

  Urvish Parikh

  Vahan Tchalikian

Our Volunteers

  Aghavelyan Natalie

  Araskhanyan Ester

  Araskhanyan Ester

  Baghdadlian Matthew

  Brian Jiang

  Ettibaryan Aram

  Gashgarian Rob

  Ghazarian Vigen

  Grigoryan Anahit

  Hacherian Arto

  Hacherian Siran

  Keskinian Ari

  Khancharyan Karen

  Magarian Vahe

  Tchalgouchian Artak

  Tchalgouchian Ruben

  Tonakanian Stephan

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