You will find here chess equipments.

This category includes all the basics of your wardrobe and much more:

Chess Pieces, Chess Sets, Chess Boards, Chess Clocks!

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  • Chess Pieces

    Standart club and tournament chess piece!

  • Chess Boards

    Different size boards for different size of chess piece.
    Different material for different customer's desire and use.
    Different colors for different customer’s preference.
    The chess boards are for the chess school and chess club.

  • Chess Clock

    The chess clocks we have Digital chess clocks,

    Quartz chess clocks and Analog mechanical chess clocks.

    These chess clocks are different design, different types,

    different material, different size.

  • Chess Sets

    These packages include a set of our fine Staunton

    chess pieces, chess board, spare queens,

    and some packages include a chess box.

  • Demo Board
    Chess demonstration boards (also called demo boards)
    are primarily used by chess teachers.
    The chess position being taught is displayed to the whole classroom.
    Most chess classes consist of no more than 20 students.
Zeige 1 - 10 von 10 Artikeln
Zeige 1 - 10 von 10 Artikeln